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I love freebies! I know you love them too, so I've made some to help you with your photographic and organisation quandaries. Below are links to the blog posts containing the signup forms for each related digital freebie. Download them and enjoy!


7 Tips for Photographing your Children - Infographic

Save this handy infographic onto your phone to remind you of 7 ways to take better images of your children, even with a camera phone!

How to Choose your ideal Photographer checklist

Use this checklist to help you narrow down the vast selection of local photographers. Find one that best serves your needs and purpose.

Monthly Bullet Journal Template for Evernote

If you'd like to get more organised and begin a digital bullet journal, make a quick start with this monthly template. The download contains deletable instructions on how to rearrange the lines according to how the weeks fall across the dates.


Preparing for Your Photography Session Infographic

This infographic contains the basic essentials you need to know to prepare yourself for your big photography session! For a more detailed breakdown, go to Your Session.