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Getting to Grips with Photography

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Getting to Grips with Photography



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For anyone who wants to learn to take better photographs, this ebook covers everything from developing your photographic eye to taking you through the basics of photography.

Topics such as finding the right light, changing your perspective, photographing children and pets can be found in these pages, along with explaining the exposure triangle settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Getting into more detail, we look at long exposure photography such as photographing the Milky Way and dabble in HDR and silhouette photography.

If you would like to learn how to take better photographs without too much technical jargon, this book is written with as many lay explanations as possible, so you can follow the topics without getting caught up in complex terminology.

This book is comprised of 21 easy-to-digest short chapters, so if you feel you have little time in which to learn, you can pick this ebook up, read a chapter or two and refer back to it when you need to.

If you would like to learn more than just the basics, there are some advanced chapters like long exposure and flash photography.

I provide this ebook in a zip file containing a PDF, epub and mobi version, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPad or iPhone (the PDF on the iPad is the prettiest format!).

I have also included a bonus chapter covering the essentials of iPhone photography, with tips on how to make better use of your phone camera so you can take more memorable images.

As a final bonus I also include an infographic on the most complex part of this ebook, the Exposure Triangle. If you’re worried you’ll forget this vital piece of information, simply save the infographic to your phone so you can refer back to it as a quick reference!

This item will be delivered to you as a digital ebook.




Part I

Getting Started

Chapter 1 - Finding the Light

Chapter 2 - Clear Clutter

Chapter 3 - Bring in a Prop

Chapter 4 - Change your Perspective

Chapter 5 - Bringing it all Together

Chapter 6 - What to Wear when Having your Photograph Taken

Chapter 7 - Photographing the Children

Chapter 8 - Photographing the Pets

Part II

The Essentials of Photography - The Exposure Triangle

Chapter 9 - Aperture

Chapter 10 - Shutter Speed

Chapter 11 - ISO

Part III

The Essentials of Photography - Composition

Chapter 12 - Rule of Thirds

Chapter 13 - Leading Lines

Chapter 14 - Negative Space

Chapter 15 - Framing and Shapes

Part IV

Advanced Photography - Light

Chapter 16 - Silhouettes

Chapter 17 - HDR

Chapter 18 - Long Exposure Photography

Chapter 19 - Shooting in Awkward Lighting

Bonus Chapters

Chapter 20 - Black and White

Chapter 21 - iPhone Photography


Getting to Grips with Photography.jpg