Collection 4

Collection 4 - £250

Your session fee is included with the price of this collection.

The smallest collection I offer for those who simply want a couple of images framed and canvased.

For every image you choose to include in your collection, you will receive the image as a digital file that can be shared on social media.

For more information and images of each of these items, check out my Canvas, wall art, prints page.


16x12" canvas

Mounted on sturdy FSC certified wood frames - just feel the weight of them! - and printed on satin-effect cotton to reduce reflected glare, these canvases are a stunning, modern statement piece. At a generous 4cm in depth, they are sure to stand out and come ready to hang.


8x10" framed print

Printed on bamboo or cotton and framed in pewter, oak or mahogany, your print is protected from daily dust and dirt while the mount keeps the glass from touching the image.