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What is Personal Brand Photography?


Good question! I’m glad you asked.

Personal brand photography is a way for you as a business owner to connect with your target audience in a more personal way.

It begins with you choosing up to five “stories” that showcase yourself as your brand. For example, if you are a yoga instructor running your own business while raising a family of 2.4 children and a dog, as well as being active in the community and passionate about the environment, you have five stories right there:

  • Family

  • Business

  • Health

  • Community

  • Eco-friendly

If you have people who follow your social media accounts who have even one thing in common with any of these, they will respond to posts about them because they know what it’s like.

By having images showing you doing any of these things, it creates a more personal and relatable post. Something like the daily struggle to get the kids to school on time and realising you’ve left your yoga mat at home are more likely to resonate that a short tweet saying what you had for breakfast this morning.

Images in social media posts generate more engagement, and images with people and faces in them even more so. Speaking as an introvert myself, it was a long time before I began sharing photographs of myself on my Facebook pages, but they are the posts that get more likes!

How Personal Branding Works

So, you’ve decided you need some photographs for your daily social media posts, website images, blog posts etc.

You don’t want to use the same generic stock photos that everyone else in your sector is using, you want to stand out.

However, doing it yourself never works out right. You put it off for a while, you spend days attempting various images on your camera phone, but in the end you realise it’s too much time and effort. You would rather be concentrating on your most effective business work or spending that precious time with family.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How would you like to have three months’ worth of professional images to post online and you only had to spend no more than four hours having them taken?

I can work with you to figure out your stories, how we can best photograph them (time, location, clothing, etc), then I come in and take them for you.

Time permitting, you can choose the images you want on the same day and I aim to deliver them to you within the same week.

What is included with a Personal Branding Session?

  • Brand discovery questionnaire and consultation

  • Guaranteed quarterly session dates to suit you

  • Full resolution, un-watermarked digital images in jpeg format

  • Unlimited commercial usage licence

  • Your own private online gallery / personal stock image gallery

  • Same day image selection and same week delivery

  • Images cropped and resized for all your social media accounts and website

  • Basic editing on all chosen photos

  • Free reign to make your own subsequent changes to all images

What Personal Branding Photography is NOT

Personal Branding is not:

  • “Just” stock photos

  • “Just” portraits

  • “Just” product images

  • You getting followed around by me all day like the paparazzi chasing a new love interest of a member of the Royal Family.

It can include the first three things above, but it is primarily about YOU.

What are YOUR Five Stories?

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here is my own example.

I am a photographer who loves to read and travel. I enjoy nature and am concerned about the environment, so my five stories include the following:

  • Photography

  • Travel

  • Reading

  • Nature

  • Minimalism

I’ve shared mine, what are yours?