Here you will find some useful posts on choosing a location for your shoot, what to wear, client sessions and other random pieces I hope you will find interesting!

How to Prepare for Your First Personal Branding Session

Prepare for PBP.png

Decide where you are going to use the images

Are you using them on various social media accounts? Do you need different sizes and crop ratios for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook banners? Consider any images that need lots of negative space around if you intend to put any text over them. Jot down the sizes you need for your photographer.

Write down any specific images you would like

If you have a good idea of the sort of images you are looking for, chances are you will already have shared them with your photographer. Make a list anyway so you can both refer to it. The shoot itself should take a natural flow from image to image across the various locations, but it is always handy to have a list to ensure you don’t miss out on any key shots. You could even create a Pinterest board with styles and images you like (and ones you don’t like!).

Choose your location(s)

Your workspace is the obvious place to start, but what about other places that you enjoy visiting? Your favourite cafe, the local park where you go for walks with your family, the beach where you dip your toes into the sea. All of these places contribute to who you are as a person and will resonate with your audience if they enjoy those places too.

Clear your workspace!

Unless you already have your workspace KonMarie’d to an inch of its life, clear away anything that does not add to your story. Keep selected personal mementoes nearby, if you have a framed photo of your children, dog or cat on your desk, that helps people make a connection. Even a funny mascot sitting on top of your computer injects some humour into the images.

Select some props

Put together a collection of props that reflect either on you as a business owner or you personally.

  • Your favourite coffee mug

  • Your notebook with all its messy notes, sticky notes and doodles

  • Items and tools relating to your business eg your camera, art pallet, yoga mat, etc

  • A plant or bunch of flowers brings some colour and greenery into the workplace images.


Choose clothes that make you look professional and yet you feel comfortable wearing, especially for your workplace images. Avoid loud logos that distract from your face and try to pick colours that match your brand. It’s true that people recognise branding colours even in clothing, so use this to your advantage!

For more casual and outdoor locations, again, find something comfortable and that makes you feel good. Bring along an extra top, jacket, scarf or necklace to add some variety to your outfits without having to do a full on Superman change in a phone box.

If you normally wear a little make-up, apply it as normal but please don’t cake it on! You will neither feel nor look like yourself in the finished images. If you are happy and confident enough to go au naturale, go for it!

Finally, ensure your hands and fingernails are clean for those close-up hand shots…unless you’re an artist and part of your story is paint-covered hands.

Finally, have a good sleep!

Beauty sleep is your best friend, so get some shut eye and you’ll be all ready for your personal brand photography session.