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How to Develop a Good Relationship with your Personal Brand Photographer

Relationship PBP.jpg

Personal brand photography is a very different niche compared to portrait or wedding photography. Here it is two businesses working collaboratively to create content that helps your business with your marketing and social media.

It is not like a wedding photographer who can spend lots of time getting to know the bride and groom because you as a business owner do not have the luxury of time!

Save each other time

A personal brand photographer respects that time is money and they will have a workflow in place whereby they can get all the information they need from you in as little time as possible. By doing so they avoid the back-and-forth emails “do you need this?”, “do you want that editing out?” and so on.

But this has to work both ways. You yourself will not want to be sending email after email after your initial consultation asking to add this or that, so try to make sure you have everything laid out on the first pass.

Obviously at first there will be the odd time when something slips your mind and you need to follow it up and that’s perfectly fine. As you and your photographer develop a working relationship the whole process will run a lot more smoothly.

Be open with each other

You are letting someone not just into your business but into your life. You may want some images taken at home with your family and letting someone into that part of your life can be a big step.

A lot of photographers are introverts, but that just means that they prefer to create deeper relationships with clients to create the right content for them, instead of being a hired hand who comes in every quarter and dashes off some pretty pictures.

While you will certainly have your own ideas for your personal brand images, your photographer will also have some in mind. They will prioritise your preferences and if there is time at the end of the session it is worth trying out some of their suggestions.

Be honest with each other

You and your personal brand photographer will need to be honest with each other about your expectations and what you want from the images.

The photographer will also be honest with you about what is working and not working during the shoot.

They need to feel comfortable with telling you that something about a certain image is not quite right and maybe we need to try this instead?

Trust each other

This can be hard for the first personal brand session when you are both still getting to know each other and what your expectations and goals are.

Your photographer will send you a contract setting out an agreement between you so you have something on paper and know where you both stand.

This way neither of you will come across unexpected surprises in the use of your images.


Once you are both in sync and your photographer can come in and reel off however many images you need in a style that matches your brand, it will turn into a beneficial partnership for both sides.

Your photographer will save you time that you could spend working on your top 20% of tasks, or spending that time with your family. The images you receive from your sessions should come together to tell your brand's stories and reach your ideal clients.