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Weekly Photo Challenge - Week 5: Putting it all Together

weekly photo challenge 5.png

Putting it all Together

Congratulations! You made it all the way through to Week 5! Well done, you!

Today I want you to take everything you’ve learned so far and put them all together. Go somewhere with your munchkins, either a familiar park or somewhere new that you’ve wanted to visit and have a go at taking some photographs with your new skill set!

  • Which direction is the light coming from? Remember the hand tip!
  • How do you want the light to fall on your subject?
  • Do you need to move yourself or your subject to get the light you want?
  • Are there any distracting elements in the background of your image?
  • Can you move them out of the way or get in closer to crop them out?
  • Does the location call for a landscape or portrait orientation?
  • Has your child found anything interesting along the way they want to show you?
  • Are there any seats, steps, railings, follies or interesting artworks that can be used in your image?
  • Are there any high vantage points for you to get a shot from a higher angle?
  • Can you sit or kneel on the ground to get to your child’s eye level?
  • Have you managed to get some close up images that focus on your child’s face?
  • Can you move further back to show the child in their environment?

It may seem a lot to remember all in one go, but the more you do it and ask yourself these questions, you will get better at answering them through your photographs.

At first, simply try things out and see what works best for you. You may find you prefer low angles over high, wide views rather than close ups or portrait over landscape.

Even if you take just one thing away from this email series, I’d like it to be the one about finding the right light. After all, what is photography without light?

So, off you go! Off into the wide world armed with new perspectives for taking better photographs! 

Please do share your images with me either by email, my Facebook page, or by using the hashtag #ctpweeklychallenge on Instagram.

Thank you so much for sticking out this short course with me!

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