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Weekly Photo Challenge - Week 4: Get Closer or Pull Back

weekly photo challenge 4.png

Get Closer or Pull Back

Nine times out of ten I will recommend getting closer to your subject for better composition and a stronger image. Also it helps clear any clutter in the background, as we learned on Day 2!

With your own children this is easy. They are already comfortable with you getting close to them, but now I want you to get even closer!

Literally fill the frame with their head and face. Chances are they will find you sneaking nearer to them quite funny and laugh as you begin to encroach on their personal space! Either that or they will simply give you a strange look which can also make for a humorous image.

While you are this close and your child has relaxed with your proximity, get some detail shots.

All the little things you notice about them that you find quite adorable. Their delicate eyelashes, bright wide eyes, chubby cheeks, button nose, the gap in their teeth after a visit from the tooth fairy.

You will definitely want to capture these images now while you have the chance.

Now you’ve done that, do the opposite and pull back, right back.

Obviously I wouldn't recommend getting this close to an elephant!

Obviously I wouldn't recommend getting this close to an elephant!

This allows you to show their environment and how they react to it. Think of all those wonderful David Attenborough documentaries that show an extreme close up of a majestic lion, then pull back to show the desert environment in which he reigns.

Do the same thing for your own lion cub. Whether it is their bedroom, play room, the back garden or helping Dad out in the garage, show them in their natural habitat.

This helps tell part of the story about where you live, who you are, what you do together and your family connection and dynamic.

Unlike in Week 2, the environment does not need to be cleared up first. Leave the tools, toys and garden play sets where they are. If anything detracts from the overall scene or you feel it does not belong in the image, remove only those things.

Next week is Week 5. Yes, Day 5 already! Hasn’t this summer flown?! For Week 5 I simply ask you to get out and put all the things you have learned together for a photo shoot with your little ones!

Thanks for reading!