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Weekly Photo Challenge - Week 3: Change your Perspective

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Change your Perspective

It’s something that we all, even the professional photographers do: we get stuck shooting images from our normal eye-height. Whether we are five or six foot tall, as a default we take photographs standing up.

Today, I want you to shake yourself out of that habit!

Get lower down to the ground. Put yourself at your child or pet’s eye level and see the world from their point of view.

Lie down on the grass in the garden or park and shoot your subject through the blades of grass for a true ant’s eye image.

If you have knee or back trouble, take a fold up stool to sit on. You may not be fully at ground level, but you will at least have a variation on your perspective. 

Also the stool will save your knees and thighs tightening from repeated crouching and standing up, leaving you unable to walk the following day (I’m speaking from personal experience, here!).

A small change in perspective can make all the difference to your images.png

Alternatively, get up high! 

For all of you with vertigo, don’t worry, I don’t mean get too high. Even if you are sitting on the sofa and your child is lying directly underneath gives a fresh vantage point.

If you’re feeling brave, get higher and shoot your subject standing underneath you. This will exaggerate the perspective and make it look like they have a big head and tiny feet!

Shooting straight down from a height gives an unusual view as it is not one we tend to see all that often. A chair, stepladder or staircase

If you have issues with heights or getting down on your knees, an extendable selfie stick is a cheap and easy solution.

Even I, who abhors the word selfie, bought a selfie stick to try out different perspectives with my iPhone photography. It was fun while the remote shutter that came with it worked, but now it doesn’t seem to want to connect to my phone which is annoying.

On another side note, something I see a lot of people doing when they take pictures on their phone is to hold them vertically in portrait orientation, the “normal” way you hold a phone when texting.

While this seems natural for texting, arguably it is not always the case for taking photographs. Try turning your phone sideways into landscape orientation; our eyes are side by side and not above each other, after all!

Obviously if the situation calls for a portrait orientated shot, by all means, go for it! If, for example, you have a tall, vertical window forming a nice frame, shoot vertically. However for wide open spaces you will more often than not want a landscape image to capture more of the scene.

This is something you will start noticing over time as you develop your photography eye.

Week 4 continues with a similar theme, but this time it’s about getting closer and moving away from your subject.

Thanks for reading!

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