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How Can I Help You with Your Family Photography Session?

Your Photographic Problems

You want to get some nice family photographs but you don’t want to put your children through the daunting task of sitting still and smiling nicely for an hour in a studio.

You have too many digital image files on your computer or phone that never get printed or enjoyed. Or, the images look alright on your phone or computer screen but when printed they look odd: grainy, pixelated, heads cut off, etc.

If they do get printed they are not great quality and get shoved in a cheap frame that doesn’t fit properly, then the frame gets lost amongst the 20 other framed photos on the bookcase or mantelpiece,

You feel like there are too many options for photo products and at the time you think all of them are a good idea. I went through a phase of wanting every image on something too. You want a canvas, then a mug, oh and a mouse mat! Then what happens? They never get used.

When the products do come they are in so much wasteful or plastic packaging that you feel guilty on behalf of the planet, the rainforests and the sea turtles.

You don’t know what size will be best, what is too small or too big. You either have something that is too big even for the National Gallery’s walls or a postage stamp stuck in the middle of the wall above your generously proportioned three-seater sofa.

You don’t know how to arrange them or where to hang them.


My Photographic Solutions

My sessions are held outdoors whenever possible. This gives a more natural light to the images and gives the children space and freedom to run around and be themselves!

I offer a digital file of each image purchased as a piece of wall art or in a photo book that can be shared on social media.

My collections come in four sizes to accommodate for your need and budget. I offer only three sizes of wall art and two in photo books, with three colour options for framing, which means you're not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice.

I have an initial consultation with you to find out which photographic wall art products you need and where to put them in your home, so when they arrive you are not faced with having to find a space in which to cram them.

I show you the sizes of everything from my framed 8x10” to my 40x30” canvas. Yes, I will bring my 40x30” canvas to your consultation to show you how big it is (it’s rolled up and not framed, otherwise I’d get blown away like Mary Poppins!).

I will show you samples of canvases, paper and framing from professional lab so you can see their quality and feel the actual tangible products in your hands.

My photo lab takes note of my requests for less packaging and their deliveries are CO2 neutral. In any case, your products get delivered to me first so I can quality check them, so I will compost, reuse or recycle any excess packing so you don’t have to! The only exception I make is for your canvases which come in a special cardboard protective briefcase, or if you want to use the bubble wrap to a) protect your framed pieces in transit to your home, or b) just enjoy popping bubble wrap.

You get to see your images on a big TV screen! Either at my place or yours, so you get a good look at them during a slideshow presentation.

I do all the legwork of ordering, framing etc. When they get delivered to my place I will arrange a time to drop them off or for you to pick them up. That way you’re not stuck in all day waiting for a parcel or worrying about missing the delivery. Or worse, what your neighbour will think when they have to accommodate your 40x30” wall art until you get home.

All your wall art comes ready to hang. However, if you need a hand putting them up I’ll bring my hammer, spirit level and step ladders (I am only 4’11”!) to give you a hand.

If you like the sound of this, please do get in touch via my contact page!