Here you will find some useful posts on choosing a location for your shoot, what to wear, client sessions and other random pieces I hope you will find interesting!

Preparing for Your Photography Session

Your photography session with me will not be the sort in a high end studio with bright lights pointing at you while I ask you to pose stiffly.

Instead, it will be somewhere outdoors of your choosing, preferably in beautiful morning golden light or flattering sunlight diffused by the clouds.

Depending on the time of year I like to have sessions in the morning around sunrise. That way the light is better, the roads and your location are quiet, and you have the rest of the day to yourselves instead of thinking about your session all morning and afternoon.


What to Wear

As we will be outdoors, wear something that you feel good in, but that is also comfortable and practical. Same goes for footwear…Ladies!

Please don’t all dress the same! Plain white t-shirts and jeans are for Homer Simpson, not your well-behaved, photogenic family!

A good rule of thumb is to have the children in bright (but not dominating) tops, the parents in pastel tops along with neutral-toned bottoms or jeans.

Or, if there is a colour you would like to have recurring through your clothing, have everyone wear something different in that colour, whether it is a top, necklace, hat or shoes to add that small accent colour.

For more tips on what to wear, try this more in depth blog post.


What to Bring with You

Yourselves, obviously! I try and get there about ten minutes early, if you can do the same, that would be great, it gives us a few minutes to chat and for me to meet everyone.

Water: especially in warm weather. Insulated bottles will keep your drinks cooler for longer. No one likes lukewarm water on a hot day!

Snacks: both parents and children will be doing a lot of different and unusual things during the session! Modelling is hard work, so bring something nice to refuel. If your dog is joining you, bring drinks and treats for them, too.

Change of clothes: if you would like to have some images of you all in different outfits to add some variety, by all means, bring them along!

Props: this is mainly for the children, if they have any favourite activity toys they would like to include in the photographs or the session they are more than welcome! However if you all like doing some special hobby together and you have props relating to it you can include them as well.


Starting the Session

To begin with, I’ll get you warmed up and used to my camera clicking by asking you to do simple things like walk together while I take your photograph. That’s ok, right?

Before we start with the rough and tumble I’ll get some nice group photos, various pairings and solo images of you all.


Once you’re Warmed Up

Now we move on to the fun part! This is where you can simply play with each other and let the kids be themselves, although I will still throw out suggestions, games and poses for you all to try.

If you have any ideas for photographs I will be more than happy to incorporate them into your session.

Again I will get some more groupings and solo shots. By now you’re old-hand at posing and it will show in your images!

As we move around our location I will find various seating places like benches, walls and staircases where I can arrange you.

I will also give you some space so you can walk and interact with each other without feeling like my lens is staring at you like HAL from 2001, A Space Odyssey, even though I will still be taking photographs.


After the Session

And, you’re done! Relax! Your part in this is finished! Go off and have breakfast, brunch, lunch, or whatever mealtime it is together and enjoy the rest of your day.

Make sure to congratulate yourselves for spending an entire hour outdoors in the fresh air with each other and without checking your phones once!

Meanwhile, I will be back home uploading, sorting and editing your photographs so they look fantastic for your slideshow presentation!

Then all you have to to is decide which images you want on which piece of wall art!