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My New Year Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of year again! End of an old, beginning of a new. The time when we all reflect on what we would like to achieve over the coming year and set our own personal challenges and resolutions. I would like to share some of mine.


Photograph More

Yes! Even me! I want to photograph more, whether it is for clients or my own personal enjoyment. I see the beautiful images on social media shared by other photographers of local landmarks at sunrise and sunset and think “why am I not doing that?”

Because it’s cold, it’s dark, the weather is rubbish, I’ll get stuck in rush hour traffic.

So what? Wrap up warm! Take a torch! Yes, the weather is poor now but you know after this rain passes there’ll be a sliver of sunlight breaking through the clouds casting deep reds and purples across the sky! As for traffic, arrange to leave home before it starts and get home when it has cleared!

For Christmas I got a super light and compact travel tripod so now I don’t even have to take my bag full of gear and a heavy tripod, I can simply grab my mirrorless camera and travel tripod for low light and sunset images.


Learn More

I have plenty of online business and photography courses to work through, as well as oodles of ebooks and magazines on my iPad. Whether I sit down with purpose to complete a module or just relax and flick through a photography magazine it will all help with creativity and inspiration.


Play More!

I mean play in the most creative sense! I don’t mean mess around on the internet or playing Sims 2 on the iMac (actually I should uninstall it).

After I have watched a course video or read a book on the iPad, I can reward myself by playing with my cameras, lighting, or testing out techniques I have just studied. I can even play with my crochet hooks and watercolours.


Bake and Cook More

Baking my own snacks and treats will not only reduce waste, but allow me to know what is going into the things I eat. Perhaps I can try baking two or three things in one sitting, or prepare a lot of biscuit dough to freeze and bake as needed.

Admittedly the ingredients I use for cooking still come in tins and some plastic wrapping but some things I can buy loose or grow. I tend to use a lot of Jack Monroe’s recipes as they are quick, simple, contain store cupboard ingredients that I have in stock at home and can be cooked in batches and frozen.


Attempt Veganuary!

Tying in with the above, I have signed up for Veganuary! “Attempt” is the key word here. I can’t say I’ll go the entire month without dipping into chocolate and cheese or slip up with a bacon and egg sandwich at the weekend, but I will try.

Fortunately many of the recipes I use regularly just so happen to be vegan anyway, so it’s a matter of a handful of swaps, some organisation and willpower!

As you know I became disenchanted with all the plastic packaging that surrounds us nowadays and the sheer amount of it especially on meat products planted the seed. One thing leads to another and after some research on animal welfare and the potential health benefits I signed up to Veganuary.

Most importantly...


Grow my business!

I want to take my business full time. I can only do this with application and perseverance. This past year I have had some wins and also some lessons learned. To begin with I intend to focus on using Instagram more, it is after all the photography social media platform!

It is a matter of allocating some time to organise my social media, go through my marketing strategy and implement what I have planned. If I can focus on this and not get distracted then 2018 has the potential to be a memorable year for me!


So, there are my resolutions, what are yours? Set your sights high, face your fears and overcome them.


Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year!