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Sorry I'm late!...Update

Hello everyone!

First of all, apologies for my silence lately. It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks!

I had a week off work for a holiday at the beginning of September, it didn’t go too well:

Tuesday: skinned heel of my foot walking to town for half an hour in shoes I wear for 6 hours a day at work.

Wednesday: got my first dental filling.

Friday: hurt my right shoulder by moving slightly in bed while I was dreaming.

With my shoulder easing by the Sunday I had booked a couple of nights away near Kielder with my parents in the hope of seeing and photographing some stars. However due to the weather being cloudy all the time I never saw any to photograph!

On the Tuesday morning when we left Kielder, I once again hurt my shoulder in bed, stretching my arm up while half awake before it somehow dropped suddenly behind me at a right angle. This time I knew something was wrong.

It was no dull, inconvenient ache like I usually get when I injure my shoulder. Now it felt as though I had a metal rod poking through from the back of my shoulder to the front near my chest, plus an iron grip around the top of the shoulder spreading up the side of my neck.

Long story short I ended up taking a second unexpected week off work! I was well enough to go back on the following Thursday and survived the first three shifts unscathed. However on the Sunday morning when I had an overtime shift I woke up with another ache in my shoulder!

It was no good phoning in sick again so I went to work. Fortunately it was a short shift and we were finished for 9.10am so I was able to make a quick getaway.

The pain got worse as the day wore on and I began looking for other remedies. I found a short course online about yoga for neck and shoulders (I don’t do yoga) so I attempted a couple of the poses recommended. I also booked a massage in town through Groupon but the first appointment was not until Thursday.

It was imperative that I felt better as I was heading back to London with Mam on Monday for two nights to attend my second concert at the Royal Albert Hall this year. At least I was only taking minimal clothing and necessities in a tiny backpack and tiny shoulder bag.

Luckily my seat on the Grand Central train was comfortable enough for me to relax on the journey to the capital. The same cannot be said for the seat on the bus that we took from King’s Cross to our budget hotel in Kensington!

The mattresses at the hotel were full of springs and the single pillow was flat as a pancake. The noise from the traffic outside was unreal (not simply the odd car whooshing gently past, but motorbikes revving at the lights, heavy goods vehicles and articulated lorries with air brakes at all hours of the night!). Yet strangely when I got up on both mornings my shoulder was no worse.

It was back to work on Thursday, but after my shift it was time for my massage. I have never had one before now so this was a new experience! Linda at Euphoria made me feel welcome, asked me about my shoulder and got to work on my back, neck and shoulders.

Needless to say she found a lot of knots to untie!

My left shoulder felt like new and a lot of the tension and stiffness in my right had gone. Truth be told I’m already plotting when I can go back for a second massage!

Perhaps all this is happening for a reason. Maybe my body is telling me enough. I made a couple of small steps in the right direction for my business this afternoon, one of them coming as a surprise after I’d been thinking about that very thing a couple of days ago and written it off as a lost cause…

I’ve done a lot of things over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to help my shoulder: getting my hair cut (I used to hurt it turning over in bed then having to flick my hair out from underneath me), buying a new pillow, trying out yoga, getting a massage, putting a meditation cushion under my computer desk to rest my feet on in an attempt to correct my posture.

However there is one last thing that needs sorting out before I know I’ve exhausted every possibility…or maybe there are two: a new mattress is an option…but the other involves a lot of heavy pushing, lifting and stretching for six hours a day three or four times a week.

I’m a good few months away from that yet, but it is now on my radar and the small steps I took today for my business will take me that little bit closer.

Reference for Yoga for Neck and Shoulders: