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Inspirations - Jurassic Park

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The following was written on the 29th January 2017, but I never got around to posting it until now, mainly because of the PS at the end!

You know how most kids are expected to outgrow their love of dinosaurs?

I haven’t.

Jurassic Park was released when I was six. I don’t recall seeing it at the cinema, or even my first viewing, but I’ve always loved it.

There was an episode of the TV quiz show Pointless where the final question was actors in the Jurassic Park trilogy (before Jurassic World). I got six pointless answers. If only I’d been on that show I would have won myself a nice sum of money and set a Pointless record! I would also have been exposed for the nerd I am if I had admitted to knowing the actors’ names from still having the Jurassic Park 1993 annual and from watching the closing credits just so I can listen to the score.

Oh, that score! The movie soundtrack to my childhood! If the BBC Proms ever do a John Williams prom at the Royal Albert Hall and include the JP score I’m there! I think I might even cry.

When you’re six and seven years old watching the movie you’re just interested in seeing the dinosaurs. When you watch it countless times as an adult on ITV3 even though you own it on blu ray and ITV has adverts and they always cut the bit where the Rex eats the lawyer sitting on the toilet, you see it more from Ian Malcolm’s point of view.

Is it so wrong to be bringing dinosaurs back to life 65 million years after their extinction? Obviously. Would I still visit a real Jurassic Park given half the chance? Absolutely! Double standards, I know.

Now I also see it from a photographic point of view. That shot during the first Rex attack when Grant and Lex are huddled by the overturned car in the background and the Rex’s huge foot plants itself in the mud in the foreground makes me do a Homer Simpson drool.

And Jurassic World? At first I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I kind of do. I wasn’t expecting to be wiping away tears only five minutes in, but I was. When the two boys arrive at their hotel room, Gray excitedly runs over to throw open the balcony doors, the music swells and we see the Park in its entirety I thought: “John Hammond would be so proud!”

The fact that Sir Richard Attenborough had died only a few months beforehand made the moment way more emotional that it should have been! It even makes the end of the first movie sad, when they’re all at the helipad ready to escape and he looks forlornly over at his failed ambition. *Sniff*

This following PS was written on the 26th May 2017.

PS: Since writing this I am thrilled to report that the BBC are doing a John Williams Prom this year and Jurassic Park is mentioned in a related blog post on the Albert Hall website, although I am still waiting on the official programme for that night. Most importantly, I managed to grab tickets by being on the Hall’s website at exactly the right time two days after they sold out! 

Am I a clever girl? :P