Here you will find some useful posts on choosing a location for your shoot, what to wear, client sessions and other random pieces I hope you will find interesting!

Full Sessions v Mini Sessions

Full Sessions

This is when the photographer guides you through the entire process. They will chat with you to find out what it is you are looking for, how it will fit in with your decor, advise you on what to wear, find out what you like to do as a family and try to incorporate it into the session. This is the point where any wall art such as canvases, framed prints or albums are discussed. 

After the shoot - which can last from 45 minutes to an hour - you will be invited back for the presentation session a couple of weeks later to view your images and place an order for the artwork and the images you love.


  • Can usually book for a time and date that suits you
  • Can choose your own location if the photographer shoots outdoors, or simply go to the photographer’s studio.
  • Your photographer will help you decide what kind of photographs you are looking for and shoot the images accordingly.
  • Your photographer will help you choose what piece of artwork to compliment your home
  • There will be plenty of time to get the images you and the photographer agreed upon
  • Should you have to cancel because of health, a family emergency or bad weather, the photographer will be happy to reschedule your session.


  • Cost more than mini sessions
  • You will have to commit to spending around three hours with the photographer, the initial consultation meeting, the actual photography session and the presentation session when you see the final images. If you are pushed for time the photographer may agree on a 15-minute phone call or a 15-minute time slot before your session in place of the consultation meeting.
  • Takes more time for the finished products to arrive, although they will be worth the wait!


Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are a sort of taster of photography. A photographer will advertise a place and time of two to three hours during which they will hold sessions at around 20 or 30 minutes each. Anyone who wishes to book simply picks a time slot to suit them, pays the amount and turns up at the allocated place. It is advisable to get there 10-15 minutes early.

They are a great way to try out a certain photographer’s style and get some professional digital images without spending a lot of money or investing a lot of time. Sometimes they can have a theme depending on the time of year, or they may be linking up with a charity to raise money.


  • Brief, ideal for full-time working mums
  • You get a set amount of digital files within a couple of days to share on social media.
  • Cost less than full sessions


  • A photographer may only advertise for mini sessions two or three times a year, so you need to be quick to make a booking and be able to commit to the time you have booked.
  • You do not get to choose your location and slots are limited
  • You may not get the exact image you were looking for, especially if the mini sessions are themed e.g. Easter or Christmas, or due to the shorter session.
  • You are not guided through the process of choosing any kind of wall art, although if you make a request to the photographer for a particular item they will usually be happy to oblige.
  • If you cannot make it to your time slot and do not give adequate notice or fail to show up you may have to forfeit your place and your payment. However if you do give adequate notice so the photographer can re-book the slot you should receive a full refund.

If you like more information on my full or mini sessions, feel free to Contact me for more details.