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Orla Kiely coffee jar brush holders!

Orla Kiely coffee jar brush holders!

It’s strange how things happen, isn’t it?

In one of my favourite books, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” (no, really, bear with me!), tidying guru Marie Kondo says that whatever you decide to get rid of will “come back to you as the thing that will be of most use to who you are now, the thing that will bring you the most happiness…I promise you: whatever you let go will come back in exactly the same amount, but only when it feels the desire to return to you.”

I used to love drawing, painting and colouring. I never had very good technical knowledge, but mostly my drawings and paintings looked similar to what they were supposed to look like.

For my GCSEs I studied Art as one of my subjects, then afterwards barely put pencil or brush to paper. About a month ago my parents dug out a folder containing some of my old artwork. They no longer “sparked joy” as Kondo would say, so I recycled them.

A couple of weeks later I found myself longing to paint again. I watched some videos on YouTube, found a couple of free and cheap courses to follow, and bought myself some paints, palettes and brushes (probably more than I needed, but the first little watercolour set I ordered got lost in the post so I had to find something to fill the void in the meantime).

While I have enjoyed the simple pleasures of making my brushstrokes, mixing my paints and trying to follow instructions, it has been a lot harder than I anticipated and there is so much to learn and relearn!

Even something as simple as mixing colours isn’t that simple when you get back to it. The less said about my water to paint ratio in watercolour painting the better. However I am really looking forward to getting more proficient and learning more about a medium I used to enjoy and still admire.

It has also been fun trying to find creative things to use as storage or a painting tool. I have finally repurposed two of my three Orla Kiely designed Douwe Egberts coffee jars as brush holders. My Dad varnished an unused, little wooden chopping board to make a (free!) cute wooden palette for oils and acrylics.

I have even considered taking a mini watercolour travel set and pad to Kenya with me…Or maybe I’m not that confident yet and I’ll be better off concentrating on the photography while on safari. I can always paint from a photograph when I get home and have more time to work on the piece.

In the meantime, my Mam has booked a mini cruise to Amsterdam for the three of us next week! That means that next Tuesday I will be visiting the Van Gogh museum where I should gain more inspiration to explore my rekindled hobby. I already have my entry ticket booked and saved to my phone to save time on queuing on the day!

It just seemed odd to me that no sooner had I removed my old paintings and drawings that I quite liked but also reminded me of not such a good experience studying it, it then reintroduced itself to me free from those memories. Then no sooner had that happened than I have the chance to visit the museum of my favourite artist and do something I have wanted to do for a long time!

Let’s see…what else can I get rid of to see if it comes back to me in another form?