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I can explain...

It has been a while!

There is a very good reason for that, however. A couple of things have happened over the past year and few months that have kept my attentions elsewhere.

The first news is that my parents and I have moved house! After 25 years in our old house we wanted to move to somewhere not on a main arterial road in and out of Sunderland.

We haven't moved far, only up the road and around the corner but it has made all the difference. The plan was to downsize to a bungalow but somehow we ended up in a bigger 3-bed semi!

My first impressions of the house weren't good. It was old fashioned with thick anaglypta wallpaper on every square inch of wall and ceiling, inside cupboards and everywhere else you could think of to stick a piece.

However my parents loved it and we made the decision to go for it. As the house was empty, thankfully we were able to strip the walls in the main five rooms before we moved in. It was conversely horrendous and yet therapeutic. 

The living room came off in centimetres, the dining room (mercifully) came off in metres. It was sort of addictive once you got your scraper in and got a good run along the wall, you didn't want to stop in case it became stuck again!

Now we are more or less sorted. The main, messy work is all done, it's just the finishing touches and odd jobs that need doing now.

The house is transformed. It is modernised and up to date with a new en suite in the back bedroom (mine of course!). The previous owner wouldn't recognise it!

A couple of months after we moved the second major change came along for me: I was offered the chance to move departments at work from checkouts to dot com. Given the early hours and physicality of the work I didn't rush into a decision but went and thought about it, then took them up on the offer.

My friend was also offered the chance to move and we followed each other away from checkouts just in time, given what was to happen within the store only a few weeks later - of which we had no prior knowledge when making our decision.

It has made all the difference for me. On checkouts I used to be contracted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, which was wrong for me on so many levels.

I am now only contracted Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings until lunchtime, the rest of the day is my own, and theoretically (but never in practise, yet!) I have four and half days off in a row!

This has given me so much more time and energy to focus on my photography. In the last couple of months I have photographed two weddings and three dogs! You can see the photos in my Galleries.

I have invested in marketing and pricing education, I have updated and SEO-d my website and I have even had the time and inclination to write this blog!

Something which I hope will become a regular, weekly thing. Don't hold me to it just yet, I'm still working on my schedule!

If you would like to help me fill my new schedule, please do get in touch to book a session. I have a lot of exciting things planned for all my "free time"!