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My gear...

So, another day, another lens!

Yes, I've added another piece of glass to my rapidly expanding collection.

What with the Tesco Clubcard Boost coming into effect on the same day a £20 off £100 voucher expired, coupled with my staff discount I saved about a third off the price of the 85mm f1.8. It seemed rude not to.

Then there was an extra £3 off through Quidco so I'm quite pleased with my multitudinous savings.

What of my other gear? This new lens propelled me into finally compiling a comprehensive list of my camera equipment, complete with dates, retailers, cost and serial numbers.

I have had my Canon 550D since November 2012. I bought it from Jessops when it was still open in Sunderland. It was admittedly a kit purchase with the 18-55mm and the 75-300mm, plus the "nifty-fifty" 50mm.

Since then I have sold the two telephoto lenses and kept the 50mm. I dabbled with the 50-250mm for a short while after getting it through a Groupon deal but again sold that on.

What with my photography of the Sunderland AFC Ladies' matches I invested in the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8. It's a tonne-weight, but I love it.

That was bought on credit through Jessops over a six-month period and after I ordered it I vowed not to buy another lens, at least not for some considerable time.

A week later I bought the 10-22mm. A member of the Sunderland Astronomical Society was selling his for a mere £290. I jumped at the chance and he was good enough to let me pay by cheque and not cash it until my next pay packet had gone into my bank.

By December 2014 I had paid off my Sigma, but then I had my eye on the 18-135mm. Just after Christmas Currys had it for 20% off plus there was £25 cashback from Canon. Despite there being a bizarre couple of hours when the lens was not in stock then suddenly it was, I placed my order and it arrived safely.

Then, at the start of January, Argos' eBay outlet had the 40mm pancake for £109 and again Canon provided me with a lovely £25 cashback.

It seems my lenses come along in twos.

Around my birthday in March I started looking at serious tripods and eventually settled on the Manfrotto MK055XPRO3 Tripod and 498RC2 Ball Head as Wex had it for near enough to half price and I got a nice £8 cashback on it.

I also bought the Lowepro 102 AW. It is small and compact, but it holds EVERYTHING. With my camera plus one lens kept outside the bag I can fit in all my lenses (including the huge Sigma!), my flash, my various bits of tools and cleaning kits plus the smaller accessories like SD cards and batteries. It is heavy but I know I can grab and go knowing I have everything inside.

In April I bit the bullet and bought a Black Rapid Kick Strap. It came into its own when I photographed a work colleague's rugby match. I prowled the sidelines, my heavy Sigma hanging comfortably by my side when the action was on the other side of the pitch, then swinging my camera up like a gunslinger when the action headed my way.

I've lasted a whole five months without buying a lens. What with a wedding booking I started to look at the 85mm and was able to order it with all my discounts, vouchers and cashbacks that were going at the time.

If my lenses really do come in twos I wonder what I'll be buying next week to add to my little lens family!