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I'm back!

I'm back! I know you've missed me. Sorry for the lack of posts, lately; I've been busy and not well and busy again.

I've had two children's portrait shoots in the last two weeks, both got very nice feedback. I did have two other shoots pencilled in but they have had to be postponed for various reasons.

My bank balance is currently suffering...well, more like my Tesco credit card...but at least I'll have loads of Clubcard points to spend on something worthwhile!

Since my last blog I have acquired a backdrop stand with three backdrops, a softbox set and an umbrella set, plus a(nother) new camera bag. All from eBay so I'm earning my mother Nectar points while I earn Clubcard points!

I've discovered that prettily patterned scarves make beautiful backgrounds on my backdrop stand. My favourite is a map scarf that I bought in Warehouse a couple of years ago. In fact, almost any large scarf will do.

I found some lovely, plain coloured, viscose scarves on eBay that provide a nice splash of colour against my white backdrops. The pink one came into good use at my second shoot last week. Also I bought a camera-patterned scarf that I will use when I finally get around to shooting my profile picture.

Finally I bought a blanket from Look Human that has the pattern from the BBC's "Sherlock" wallpaper across it - it was cheaper than buying the actual wallpaper. Again that will make a nice backdrop and has the added advantage of keeping me warm in cold weather!

The last thing I am looking forward to receiving is the camera bag. I took the plunge and bought the Lowepro SlingShot 102 in the hope it will be adequate for my camera and a couple of lenses. I have yet to find a bag that I am 100% happy with.

Anyway, other than not being well for the past few days everything seems to be motoring along and I am making progress. If I can just organise myself a schedule and stick to it I should be using this blog more often.

Off to play with my Sherlock blanket again!

Sherlock Wallpaper Blanket