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Three Things to Consider when Building your Personal Brand

It’s fair to say that growing a personal brand is the done thing now for online entrepreneurs and business owners.

However there are some things that should be taken into consideration when building your own brand, whether you are a new start-up or an established business looking to up your social media game.

Get crystal clear about your ideal client

Branding 101: know who your ideal client is! You may already have this down to a refined art, but you need to know who you are speaking to so that your personal brand attracts and reflects them.

If you are an outdoorsy person who likes flowers, butterflies and walks with the children, your images need to show this. Your ideal clients may also like butterflies and flowers. 

If they like walks with the family then they can imagine themselves in your image doing the same thing. This is so valuable in building your know, like and trust factor.

Conversely, by having such a niche audience, you will also repel the “wrong” kind of clients before they even think about contacting you.

Be consistent

Be consistent not just in your posting and sharing on social media, but also in your personal brand content.

Everything from your logo, design, images and colours should be the same across the board.

This helps to reinforce your brand, your message and your persistence. It shows that you are here to stay.

Your personal brand photography images should also reflect that consistency. Your photographer will have discussed this with you in your planning session so they know what you are looking for.

Decide just how “personal” you want to get with your personal brand


Obviously this is different for everyone. You may not be comfortable sharing certain aspects of your life in your social media and that is perfectly fine.

No one is going to ask you to step that far out of your comfort zone just to promote your business or your brand. Even stepping in front of a camera may be out of your comfort zone and that is enough for you. I’ll admit, it is for me, too.

Many entrepreneurs share stories and images focusing on their family, their health and other things that you may or may not want to share.

While there are many things that should be kept private, sometimes telling a personal story can help others who are in the same situation.

These stories also help you be more authentic in your posts and in your brand. People can relate to you more when they see that you have faced the same problem and can be inspired when you share how you overcame that problem.

Whatever your stance on this matter, make sure to set yourself boundaries and guidelines as to what you are happy to share and what you prefer to keep private.

What else have you discovered about growing a personal brand that you wish you had known when you started?

Tips for saving time when creating online content for social media

It can be hard for entrepreneurs and business owners to find time to create as much content as they would like to share with the world on social media.

Frankly, finding the balance between getting your work done as well as having enough downtime to refresh your body and your mind can be downright difficult.

Here are some tips I have found most useful for ensuring that you are getting your message out into the interwebs while saving your time and your sanity!

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How to create relevant social media content for your personal brand

The whole point of personal brand photography is to save you the time you used to spend searching for images, finding old ones, using the same stock images and struggling to write any content because they were not your stories!

Having your own custom images is a dream because you have a vested interest in them. They are showcasing you, your brand, your business.

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Top online resources to help you grow your personal brand

Building your personal brand is hard. I know that. I’ve tried it myself. I’m still trying.

Aside from the time-saving aspect of personal brand photography, what other resources are out there to help busy entrepreneurs stay on top of their workload and schedule their social media?

I’ve put together a handful of productivity and scheduling apps and websites that I have found the most useful for growing my personal brand.

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Photographing the Milky Way over Fiordland, New Zealand

It can be rather disconcerting, staring up into the cosmos. Billions of stars winking back at you, the Milky Way spanning the sky, making you feel insurmountably small on our tiny, fragile planet. Yet it is also one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles we can have the pleasure of witnessing. Such an event happened during my holiday earlier this year.

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Is the new ebook right for me?

If you've been following my emails and blog posts over the last few weeks, you already know that my new ebook "Getting to Grips with Photography" has now launched at the special introductory price of £5 instead of £10 until the 3rd September.

If you're still on the fence about whether this book is right for you, I've put together this post to help you decide.

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Weekly Photo Challenge - Week 5: Putting it all Together

Putting it all Together

Congratulations! You made it all the way through to Week 5! Well done, you!

Today I want you to take everything you’ve learned so far and put them all together. Go somewhere with your munchkins, either a familiar park or somewhere new that you’ve wanted to visit and have a go at taking some photographs with your new skill set!

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6 Zero Waste Back to School Supplies

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

No, not that time, the other time. After six weeks of trying to amuse and occupy your children without resorting to the iPad or TV, it's time for them to go back to school for some learning, knowledge and making friends!

However this time also means for lots of waste as you grab the last few items still missing from their school supply list. I've rounded up some of the best zero-waste alternatives, saving you some money (in the long run!) and the planet.

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How Can I Help You with Your Family Photography Session?

You want to get some nice family photographs but you don’t want to put your children through the daunting task of sitting still and smiling nicely for an hour in a studio.

You have too many digital image files on your computer or phone that never get printed or enjoyed. Or, the images look alright on your phone or computer screen but when printed they look odd: grainy, pixelated, heads cut off, etc.

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What is it like to work with me?

OK, so I don't just arrange a time and a place to meet with you, take some snaps and then a couple of days later send you a few low-res, watermarked digital files. I need to go much more in depth than that if I want to create some unique, custom artwork for you!

As a minimalist I like to keep things simple, for myself and for you. I have honed my client workflow down to a ten-step process and you only need to worry about half of them!

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Modern Family Portrait Photography in Sunderland

A family portrait session does not have to be a stiff, posed, traditional portrait with everyone in their Sunday best and looking like the Addams Family.

Now it is less formal, more candid, and most importantly more fun! I want to make your session an enjoyable experience and incorporate activities that the kids will enjoy and also involve the family pet.

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Preparing for Your Photography Session

Your photography session with me will not be the sort in a high end studio with bright lights pointing at you while I ask you to pose stiffly.

Instead, it will be somewhere outdoors of your choosing, preferably in beautiful morning golden light or flattering sunlight diffused by the clouds.

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