Here you will find some useful posts on choosing a location for your shoot, what to wear, client sessions and other random pieces I hope you will find interesting!

Review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I went to see the first Jurassic World movie with rather low expectations and was pleasantly surprised, moved and delighted by it. So this time, for the sequel, Fallen Kingdom, I went with high expectations yet came away feeling rather underwhelmed.

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Why Did I Become a Minimalist?

Why did I start on the path to becoming a minimalist?

I’m not sure how, but I used to own a lot of stuff. Even as a child I had three sliding-door wardrobes along one side of my bedroom and they were always crammed with stuff. A box of toys, clothing rails of clothes and many other items I can’t even remember.

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Planet Earth II Live - Royal Albert Hall - 13th May 2018, 2pm

I’ve had the good fortune to attend concerts at the Royal Albert Hall three times in the past year (the BBC Proms, Classic FM Live and Planet Earth II Live) and the latest venture to the capital proved to be the most consistently moving.

For a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon matinee of a concert made up of highlights from the most-watched TV show in the UK for 2016, the Hall was packed.

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How to have Your Photograph taken as an Introvert

It’s ok, I understand. I’m an introvert and I hate having my photograph taken too.

That may sound strange to you but as a photographer I am much happier behind the camera than in front of it.

However, as a photographer it is my job to make people feel comfortable in front of my lens, especially the imposing 70-200mm. I hope that these tips below will give you some confidence in going for a photography session.

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Spring Decluttering Methods

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming…hopefully…and we start to think about spring cleaning our homes.

But what if we only had to spring clean once and no more? What if all we had to do was give our surfaces, desktops and counters a wipe over once a week? What if we don’t have to rotate our autumn/winter, spring/summer wardrobes?

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Top 5 Zero Waste Items

There has been a lot of news coverage about how disposables and plastics are ruining the planet. I've put together a brief post covering my five favourite zero waste items to help you get started on your own mini mission to save the Earth!

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Tips for going Vegan

For your own sake, don’t just dive in on a whim one day. It won’t be easy, you’ll find yourself facing lots of food in your fridge that you now can’t eat and you won’t be prepared when you find you aren’t getting the right vitamins and supplements.

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Announcing my new ebook!

I’ve been working on my ebook about Family Photography Sessions for longer than I care to remember, but at last it is finished, live and ready to download!

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How was Veganuary?

People who know me will be surprised at my choosing to try Veganuary. I love my Cadbury’s Caramel Dairy Milk, I love cheese, I enjoy cooking with chorizo. However for the past couple of years I’ve seen a change in my mindset. It started with wanting to be tidier, which led to an interest in minimalism, which led onto wanting to reduce the amount of waste I produced, alongside watching lots of David Attenborough documentaries.

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My New Year Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of year again! End of an old, beginning of a new. The time when we all reflect on what we would like to achieve over the coming year and set our own personal challenges and resolutions. I would like to share some of mine.

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Jargon-Busting Guide to Buying a Camera

It’s happened to us all before. We’ve popped into our local camera shop to buy one as a gift and been confounded by a baffling array of jargon and numbers that make no sense! I’m sure many of you are planning to buy a camera either for yourself or someone else this Christmas and so I have put together this jargon-buster of camera features that you might want to consider when making a purchase.

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15 Ways to Reduce Plastic at Home

Blue Planet II started on BBC1 last night (yay!). Along with the usual visually stunning cinematography and Sir David Attenborough’s authoritative yet soothing narration, it also carried a stark warning about the impact our reliance on plastic is having on the planet. There must be alternatives, surely?

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Sorry I'm late!...Update

Hello everyone!

First of all, apologies for my silence lately. It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks!

I had a week off work for a holiday at the beginning of September, it didn’t go too well:

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Swapping lenses - the Canon f4 7-200mm

I loved my Sigma f2.8 70-200mm lens.

It’s been through a lot with me. From wind, rain and hail at Sunderland AFC Ladies matches to the heat and dust of Kenya, it has served me well and got me some lovely photographs.

However it weighed a tonne. OK, I exaggerate, it’s 1.4kg but that’s almost the equivalent of a bag of flour, plus there’s the added weight of the Canon 5D MKIII along with that.

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Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag

Like many photographers, I have a love-hate relationship with camera bags.

I like backpacks that come with a waist strap and spread the weight over two shoulders, but I don’t like having to remove the bag from my shoulders and put it on the ground to get a camera out or change lenses.

I like the idea of slings, but having too much weight on one shoulder is not for me. I’m 5ft tall and petite so if I overload a sling or a messenger it’s too much for me to want to carry.

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My gear for a photo shoot

So, what equipment do I bring to a shoot? I don’t bring that much, actually. I’m only small and petite and I don’t want to be lugging lots of heavy camera gear around with me.

Usually I work on outdoor portrait shoots with my main camera body, a large lens plus one or two smaller lenses and a second camera body for emergencies.

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Jim Steinman's "Bat Out of Hell: The Musical"

The "Bat Out of Hell" musical premiered in Manchester before moving to the London Coliseum over the summer, and fortunately for me it included a time when I would already be in the capital for Wimbledon!

Most musicals based on pop or rock albums take the songs first, then put together a musical from them. Bat Out of Hell started life the other way around.

Songwriter Jim Steinman has been working on a musical based on Peter Pan meets Romeo and Juliet long before Cleveland Records bravely took on an album that no one else wanted and brought Steinman’s music to the world’s attention in 1977.

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Where was Jurassic Park in the BBC Proms?

That was the question on many people’s lips either as they left the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 20th July after the John Williams Prom, or after watching the performance on television the following night.

While those of us in the audience had been treated to a night of musical and acoustic perfection from the BBC Concert Orchestra, the selection of said music left a lot to be desired.

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Online gallery opening - SPECIAL OFFER!

SPECIAL OFFER! To celebrate the opening of my new online gallery shop, I am offering a 50% discount on these three canvases!

These prints will not be offered at these prices again for the foreseeable future so make the most of it!

Promotion will run from the 31st July until the 11th August.

Visit my gallery shop here: