About Me

 The "lucky shot" with the last exposure of a film camera that got me interested in photography!

The "lucky shot" with the last exposure of a film camera that got me interested in photography!

Hi, I’m Catherine!

Most days you can find me with some sort of camera in my hand, photographing the local area or working from home while searching for travel inspiration.

I am mostly known for creating colourful photographic artwork and having lots of mad but well-intentioned ideas that don’t always come through - but sometimes they do!

People often refer to me as “the one who is always gallivanting off somewhere!”

I love serving the world by choosing reusable items over disposable (apart from toilet paper, obviously!)

The things I am most passionate about in life are travel, the environment, tennis, football and food.

I work with people who are looking for a unique memento of a special time in their lives. Through my photography I am able to remind them of an experience that they shared together as a family. My candid, informal style shows the relationship between family members while the locations for my sessions highlight the natural beauty on our doorstep.

When I’m not busy working on my photography you can catch me reading, watching BBC natural history documentaries, relaxing with a coffee or wine and some chocolate, or gallivanting off somewhere. London is my favourite place as I happen to go there often and have some excruciatingly happy (and painful!) sporting memories from the capital. 

For my 30th birthday I went on a safari to Kenya which was an unreal experience and when I was maybe half that age I went scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef (just don’t get on an aeroplane the very next day or your ears will not thank you!).

I enjoy cooking meals with normal storecupboard items and baking nice things. Mainly curries, pastas, burgers and muffins!

If you’re keen to know more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1. In 2012 Mam and I missed our flight home from New York City so we could stay on Arthur Ashe court to watch Andy Murray win the US Open. That was the year we got caught in the hurricane that pushed the day of the final back.

2. I am a huge Lord of the Rings geek and my next adventure is to Middle Earth itself: New Zealand!! :D

3. For January 2018 I began transitioning to a vegan diet…I’m still transitioning and looking to keep it going.

4. As an aspiring minimalist I enjoy decluttering and having fuss free, practical but beautiful items around me, mainly purple things. I like purple.

5. I am 30 years old and still obsessed with dinosaurs…but then, who isn’t?

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"We were concerned that our two-year-old daughter would be hard to manage and we would have a lot of blurry photos, however Catherine handled her perfectly. The presentation of the final shots was well done and a bit emotional! Catherine is professional and friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is finished perfectly."

Donna and Richard